Note! This article is written for the old version of Coupon Carrier. Here's more information about the new version and why you should switch.

The simple way to setup Coupon Carrier is to let it send out the email to the subscriber. The complete guide on how to set that up is available here.

But if you want more control over the content you can create your own automation email and let Coupon Carrier trigger that to be sent to the subscriber instead. This involves the following steps:

  • Add a merge field to your list
  • Create a MailChimp automation of the correct type that can be triggered
  • Configure Coupon Carrier to trigger the automation

How does it work?

When Coupon Carrier receives a notification that a new subscriber has been added to your list it picks one of the available unique codes and applies it to the subscribers merge field that you’ve configured. It then triggers the selected automation to be sent to the subscriber. This means that when the email is sent it can include the code via a merge tag since that was just added to the subscriber.

Add a merge field to your list

We need a merge tag to be able to store the unique code in the subscribers profile. Create a merge field called COUPON of the type Text. This can be anything but in this guide we will assume it’s named COUPON. You can also deselect the Visible? checkbox. This ensures that this field don’t show up in any subscribe form if you have any. 

Create the MailChimp automation

There are many types of automations in MailChimp. We want to create an automation that only sends an email when some third-party app (Coupon Carrier in this case) triggers it to be sent to a specific subscriber. Coupon Carrier can only trigger one specific type of automation, called API 3.0. It’s available under the Integrations category.

Note! Only automations that are created using this type can be triggered by Coupon Carrier. 

When the automation has been created there is usually tree sample emails created in the workflow. In this case we only want one email so you can remove the other two emails.

The next step is to configure the trigger. The default is to have the email sent 1 day after the automation is triggered. We don’t want the subscriber to have to wait 1 whole day for their email so let’s change this to Immediately instead. To edit the trigger click the Edit trigger link at the top of the workflow.

Click the Design email button to edit the email. Proceed by entering all the details according to your needs. When you get to design your email you need to add the merge tag at the place where you want your code to be shown. A merge tag is added using the following format *|Field name|*. So in your case you should add *|COUPON|*.

The final step in creating the automation is to enable it. Proceed to the Confirm step of the wizard and then click Start Workflow. If the workflow isn’t started no emails can be triggered so this is an important step.

Configure Coupon Carrier to trigger the automation

The final part is to configure Coupon Carrier to trigger the email. Login to your Coupon Carrier account and head over to the Welcome Email tab. First we need to tell Coupon Carrier to store the code in a merge field, called Coupon in our case, so select that in the list.

The second part is to select Send your email using a MailChimp Automation and select the automation workflow that you’ve just created. If the automation is disabled it means that it’s not the correct type or that it’s not started.

Remember to save your changes and you’re good to go.

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