Note! This article is written for the old version of Coupon Carrier. Here's more information about the new version and why you should switch.

How does it work?

Coupon Carrier allows you to upload a list of unique codes and then monitor your subscriber list for new subscribers. When a new subscriber is added it will pick one of the available unique codes from the list and then send out an email containing the code to the subscriber. Think of Coupon Carrier like a mailman who gives out discount codes.

This means that Coupon Carrier can’t generate the codes for you and it also can’t change how or if they work in your store. It only distributes the codes that you provide so you need to make sure that they will work once the subscribers receives them.

Choose how you want to distribute your codes

You have the option to choose how you want to distribute your codes. We have two ways. One is using a Welcome Email described in this guide and the other one is the Redeem Link which you can read more about here.

In this case you want to use the Welcome Email feature so select that. This feature monitors your list constantly for new subscribers and then emails them a unique code. Which is what we want. 

When you’ve selected to use the Welcome Email feature you will have the option to let Coupon Carrier create a test list in your account and subscribe you to it so that you can receive an email with a sample code. You can also choose to skip this step.

Select your list and customize your email

Choose which of your lists you’d like to monitor for new subscribers. 

Email settings allows you to choose how you’d like to send out the email. The first option is to have Coupon Carrier send out the email, which is what we want so this option should be selected. 

The next step is to customize the email by clicking the button labeled Customize your email content. This is where you configure your email subject, sender details and content. Remember to save your changes when you’re happy with the settings.

Add your list of unique codes

The integration is now configured and the last step before testing everything is to make sure that you’ve added some unique codes, Otherwise Coupon Carrier has nothing to distribute to your new subscribers. Remember that Coupon Carrier can’t generate the codes, you need to provide them.

How you generate a list of discount codes in your store depends on which platform you’re using. Contact the support of your E-Commerce platform to get help with that.

Note! If you use Shopify you can follow this guide: How to generate a list of discount codes in Shopify.

Once you have a list of codes you can open the Add Codes tab and choose to import a file (.csv) or paste your codes. If you’re going to paste the codes then make sure that you only have one discount code per line and nothing else on each line.

For each code you import you need one credit. Each account codes with 25 credits for testing purposes. If you need to add more credits you can do so by clicking the Buy more credits button to the right. 

Test the integration to make sure that everything works

The best way to test everything is to login to your email service provider and add a new subscriber manually to your list.

Depending on your email service provider we have a few guides:

A few moments later you should receive an email in your inbox, make sure that you check your spam folder in case it doesn’t arrive.

The message, logotype and button can all be changed in the configuration.

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