In order for Coupon Carrier to distribute unique codes to your subscribers your need to generate a list of unique codes and then import them. Note that Coupon Carrier can't affect how the codes work or if they are valid (or expired). It only sees them as text codes and they are send out exactly as they were imported.

Some customers use Coupon Carrier to distribute unique URLs as an example. It can be anything as long as it's a list of unique values.

How you generate a list of codes in your store depends on which platform you’re using. Contact the support of your E-Commerce platform to get help with that.

Note! If you use Shopify you can follow this guide: How to generate a list of discount codes in Shopify.

Once you have a list of codes you can open the Add Codes tab and choose to import a file (.csv) or paste your codes. If you’re going to paste the codes then make sure that you only have one code per line and nothing else on each line.

For each code you import you need one credit. This means that if you want to import 100 unique codes then 100 credits will be used. Keep in mind that if you remove the unused codes in your account you will get the credits back.

If you need to add more credits you can do so by clicking the Buy more credits button to the right. 

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