When a request for a code is sent to Coupon Carrier there are cases where we fail to update the subscriber or to send out a code to them. If this is the case the request will be added to the request queue (available on the dashboard). You can later review the queue and retry and or clear this queue.

Common reasons why a request might fail are:

  • The subscriber has been removed/unsubscribed by the time we tried to apply a code to the subscriber.
  • You don't have any unused codes left on your account. If this is the case the the account will be disabled until more codes are added. When it's disabled you can see the message Integration is not enabled in the queue. When codes have been added the account is enabled and you can retry the queue to send out the codes in the queue.
  • The connection to your email service provider is no longer valid or has been lost (unauthorized). You might need to disconnect and reconnect, available under My Account > Settings.
  • [MailChimp specific] If you have required fields on your list then this might prevent Coupon Carrier from updating the subscriber with a code if these fields requirements are not met.

Contact us for more information or help regarding the request queue.

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